I'm Animated!

It’s crazy to say out loud, but I booked my first cartoon! Or animation! Whatever you wanna call it! Aaaaaahhhh! I’ve been doing Voiceover work for a while now, but only for commercials. So this is a crazy big exciting deal for me. Specially since there’s not much animation going on in NY. That’s why I am super grateful to be a part of one of the few.

So what is it? Well, it’s a series called The Champions and it is exclusively on B/R Live and TNT in the United States. You can also see it on YouTube. The show is basically Real Housewives meets FIFA. If you’re a fan of football (the real kind) then you’ll recognize a lot of the characters, and get all the awesome jokes. If you’re not a fan of football then you should still watch it to hear my lovely voice.

As it stands I’ve only done the voices of Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Agüero, but hopefully they’ll invite me back to do some more. In the meantime I’ll work on my ball juggling. Take care guys!

Donaciano Garcia